4 Day Work Week Agreement

But whether it`s a compressed work week or a work week with fewer hours, experts agreed that both have potential drawbacks. The nine-month project, developed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, allows employees in the core of the municipality to work the same number of hours over a four-day period, which many know as a compressed work week. The survey showed that nearly two-thirds of companies that have already implemented a four-day week reported an improvement in employee productivity. And more than three-quarters of employees who work in this environment said they were happier, less stressed, and took fewer days off. The only reason they haven`t formalized the four-day week is because they enjoy giving employees the freedom to choose their workloads and trust them to understand how best to manage their workloads. While the aforementioned successful case studies have highlighted a number of benefits of their reduction in working time, we should not be fooled by the numbers – in order for productivity to be maintained, it must be increased in proportion to the reduced time. The initiative to implement the “four-day week” remains without benefit to current employment because of the different benefits it can bring. Although mostly untested, these benefits lie mainly in increased cost reductions, productivity and work-life balance.