Trade Agreement Between India And Myanmar

Although bilateral trade between India and Myanmar has grown over the years, it remains below China`s trade relations. India exports more than $1 billion to Myanmar and imports from Myanmar total more than $500 million. However, Chinese exports to Myanmar amount to more than $10 billion (World Bank in 2018). Myanmar`s world exports consist mainly of food, fuel and non-food agricultural products. Myanmar has a strong demand for industrial products, which are met by China, which enjoys a competitive advantage over India. A major breakthrough was made in 1987, when Rajiv Gandhi, then Indian Prime Minister, visited Myanmar, but relations deteriorated after the military junta`s response to pro-democracy movements in 1988, which caused the influx of Burmese refugees into India. [2] [5] However, since 1993, the governments of Indian Prime Ministers have modified P. V. Narasimha Rao and Atal Bihari Vajpayee have begun to establish warmer relations between the two nations, as part of a broader foreign policy, to increase India`s participation and influence in Southeast Asia, and to the growing influence of the People`s Republic of China , a joint India-Myanmar operation destroyed several Sankan army militant camps on the border with Myanmar. The action avoided a potential threat to the ambitious Kaladan transit and transport project, which is important for improving connectivity in the northeast. Myanmar is important to India because of the geographical, historical, cultural and economic ties that span centuries, as well as the overall development of the states of northeastern India.

Relations between India and Myanmar officially began after the signing of the Treaty of Friendship in 1951. [doubtful – discuss]. [2] [Unreliable source?] [5] [6] India`s Ministry of Commerce is working to identify sectors and ways to encourage trade between the two countries. Myanmar`s LDC status can also be an advantage for Indian companies they can benefit from, as they have a production base in Myanmar. In Manipur is the border trade post in Moreh, Mizoram in Zowkhathar and Nagaland in Lungwa. Another trade point at the Pangsau Pass in Mizoram is being discussed. The scope of this document is to focus on different aspects of trade relations between India and Myanmar. It is organized with an overview of Indo-Myanmar trade relations, then looks at border trade and discusses proposals for improvisation of border trade.