If Chain Of Agreement Missing

You can contact the clerk and request a copy of the original agreement. Dear Reema, your agent can tell most of the time about the registration of the “sale agreement” and not the deed of sale. If so, it may be good to go. Hello sreekant, I bought a property 3 months back by a broker. After checking xerox copies of parental documents and EC,Property were registered.now requested for the home loan and the bank lawyer found a missing document of the originals.owner X sold me and I bought it before this Mr.Y X, and this document is missing.also,The parents` documents before Y are available. I think the real estate agent deceived us and sold us this property. Need your kind advice in this regard. Mr. Raghuram was about to make a real estate deal when he discovered that the seller did not have all the real estate securities. The seller quoted that some of the papers were misplaced by his banker. This is not a very unusual subject these days. Either because of the negligence of the owner or the negligence of the banker, the documents are missing in the banks. Mixing real estate securities is a serious business, so don`t take it lightly.

If your banker has moved your documents negligently, take strict measures and resolve the matter as soon as possible. 4. It depends on your buyer to know if he buys without the missing document. However, if the above precautions are taken, there should be no problem. 1. You can make a public communication about the missing document. I bought a piece of land in 2002. If I have searched for documents, I have absolute sales certificates and sales documents.

The title is not in its place, it is not able to find it. PLEASE, GUESS WHAT? 1. If all WERE agreement chains stamped and registered correctly, then you can execute a compensation loan, in favor of the new buyer, instead of the missing agreement. This would be sufficient for all legal uses. Yes, yes. You may have authenticated a copy of the absence. The EC will support them. Description of the property document: a deed of sale is the most important legal document to obtain the sale and transfer of ownership to the buyer by the seller. In addition, it also acts as the main property document for resale by the buyer, as it proves its property on the property. Normally, the sales code is executed after the sale contract has been executed. Confirmation of the sale confirms that the contractual terms agreed in the sales contract are respected, as agreed between the buyer and the seller.

It is obligatory to register the sale of deed in the Office of the Sub-Registrar whose jurisdiction is competent. It is mandatory to register the sales number within 4 months of the execution date, otherwise you must pay a fine or it is invalid. Why is this necessary: To establish the seller`s property on the property Obligatory: Yes. All sales documents are required in the original Required: Yes Required for: Real Estate Purchase – Real Estate Credit Description of the Real Estate Document: The sale contract is executed between the parties for the management of the property. The sales contract creates a right to obtain a sale agreement mentioning the property. Normally, it sets a time for the conclusion, payment of serious money or partial payment of the purchase reflection. As a general rule, it is a property document that precedes a deed of sale and, in such cases, does not require registration. The sale agreement does not confer any fees or rights to the property. However, in some countries, the sales contract is registered and will serve as a point of sale. For the purposes of real estate credit, it is mandatory to pay a stamp duty equal to 0.10% of the value of the sale contract. Dear Reema, 1 – No.

The remaining loan must be cleared and the balance of the sale released.