Study Inn License Agreement

Your owner will expect a lot from you, but you have the right to also have your expectations, and the condition of the property is certainly at the top of the list. Even if it seems unlikely, make sure your agreement covers absolutely everything from rodents to hurricanes. This allows you to remain fully protected and make yourself much less likely to bear unexpected costs. If you want to watch live TV, live tv or the BBC iPlayer, you need to buy a TV license, whether you`re watching these programmes on your TV, tablet or smartphone. If you only use your TV for games, Netflix or Amazon streaming, you don`t need a TV license. If you move early, a refund will be made from the day a new student moves into your room. Please note that a change in the licence fee is $50. Our service is fully included, which means there are no additional fees to pay. Your bed package, kitchen kit and cleaning service are included in the price of your room.

You need content insurance and a TV license. The standard duration of our licence agreement is 51 weeks. On some sites, we also offer 45, 44, 30 weekly contracts and semester rentals. If you need a tailor-made agreement, please contact our booking team and we will do our best to satisfy you. Of course. We are always open to new ideas to improve our service and send surveys to all guests during their stay. You can also visit your Centre Manager or contact at any time to make a proposal. Yes, yes. All rooms are equipped with a TV, please note that although we provide THE TV, we must get your own TV license for the duration of your stay.

Leaving to live independently at university can be a very exciting time in your life. Whether you`re studying a few cities from home or moving across the country, making your first home business is definitely a time you should remember. We would like to warn you of the lack of email security and will therefore advise you not to send us confidential information by email, unless you use an encryption program. Otherwise, you can use mail, facsimile or a recognized courier service. If you send us information via email, we will consider this as your consent to contact you on the matter by email. In this case, you and the Study Inn are legally responsible for all personal mail statements, provided there are no specific formal requirements under a contractual agreement or binding legislation.