Rsu Award Agreement

As a result, the average number of stock options granted per fortune to 1000 companies per company decreased by 40% between 2003 and 2005, while the average number of limited share premiums increased by almost 41% over the same period. In accepting this award, you agree that the data, including your personal data necessary to manage this price, may be exchanged between IBM and its subsidiaries and related companies, as well as any supplier charged by IBM to manage that price, subject to the terms and conditions document; You also accept the receipt of information and material related to this or subsequent awards as part of IBM153`s long-term performance plans, including and without limitation of all prospectuses and plan documents, by any means of electronic delivery available now and/or in the future (including, but not limited to e-mail, by access to the website and/or in facsimile), this authorization to remain in effect, unless you have revoked it in writing. This Equity Award agreement, along with the “Conditions of your Equity Award: Effective 8 June 2011” (“CGV”) and the plan, which are included in this document as a reference, together form the whole agreement between you and IBM regarding your price. This Equity Award agreement is governed by new York State laws, regardless of conflicts or legal rules or principles of choice. 1. granting RSUs. The company awards the participant a bonus (the “price”) which consists of the total number of restricted share units (the “RSUs” above). Each RSU is the conditional right to obtain, without payment, but subject to the conditions and restrictions provided in this agreement and the plan, a share of the company`s shares (each of a cumulative “share” or “share”). 17. Limitation of rights; No right to grant grants; An extraordinary article. In concluding this agreement and accepting the arbitration award, the participant recognizes that (a) the plan is discretionary and may be amended, suspended or terminated at any time by the company in accordance with the plan; (b) the awarding of this arbitration award is a one-time discretionary benefit and does not create a contractual or other right to future grants or benefits instead of bonuses; (c) all decisions regarding such future grants, including, but not limited, at the time the premiums are awarded, the number of shares subject to each premium, the price, if any, and the date or date on which each premium is paid are left to the exclusive discretion of the company; (d) the participant`s participation in the plan is optional; (e) the value of this arbitration award is an exceptional position which, if any, does not fit within the scope of the participant`s employment contract; (f) this premium is not part of a normal or expected allowance for any purpose, including, but not only, the calculation of benefits, severance pay, terminations, allowances, long-term bonuses, social benefits, insurance, pensions or pensions, or similar payments; (g) the future value of the shares to which this premium applies is unknown and cannot be predicted with certainty; (h) neither the plan nor the issuance of the shares (1) gives the participant the right to continue to employ (or maintain another relationship) of the company or subsidiary of the company (2) if the participant is an “at-will” collaborator; modify the participant`s “at will” employment or (3) change at any time the right of the company or subsidiary to terminate the employee`s employment or any other relationship with the company or subsidiary, and (i) if the participant is not a direct employee of the company, the award of this arbitration is not construed as constituting a working relationship with the company; In addition, the awarding of this arbitration award is not construed as excluding an employment contract with the employer of the participant, the company or a subsidiary.