Is Rental Agreement Mandatory For Passport

“Applicants are required to submit only proof of the address of that address, regardless of the day from which he stayed at the address indicated. However, it is required to mention all the places of residence of the previous year in the passport application and the personal form established for the police inspection,” the Foreign Ministry statement said. In the meantime, police checks will be carried out, if necessary, by all places of residence in the previous year. Proof of address: Each of the following documents may be presented as proof of address for the application for a new passport. It should be noted that the documents mentioned below are necessary if you apply for a new passport of the normal category (non-tatkaal), a citizen of India up to 18 years of age. In a letter from the Department of Foreign Affairs on 8 September, all passport offices were informed that no one-year proof of address was required and that address references could be provided by applicants, regardless of the date of issuance. If the applicant stays less than a year at the current address, he must provide only different addresses and no proof of address for the old addresses in the past year. The use of rent for one year as valid proof of the passport application was notified in 2014. After receiving the permanent address in 2014 as a valid document to apply for a passport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs adopted a provision to use the rental deed as a valid document to apply for a passport. The notification was sent to all passport offices.

Source: the unregant agreement is also considered valid proof of the passport issuance authority`s address for granting passport facilities to regional passport agent applicant Harmanbir Singh Gill said, “Today, many young people are changing cities for work and study. This is why many people find it difficult to write a document attesting to their stay in one place for a year. We have seen a lot of cases like this. The communication on the same was issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 20 last year, but it was not implemented in principle today at different locations because the changes have not been updated in the PSP (Passport Seva Portal) portal, RPO officials at the Jalandhar branch said. Passport application documents required: Getting an Indian passport is not a problem like a few years ago. You can simply apply online, book an appointment and take all the necessary documents to the nearest passport point. It`s as simple as that. But making sure you have all the right documents is a hard part. If you don`t have all your documents ready, the process can take time.