International Grains Agreement 1995

India is a member of the International Grains Council (IGC), an intergovernmental forum on exporting and importing countries for cooperation in wheat and coarse grains, known until 1995 as the International Wheat Council. It manages the 1995 Grain Trade Convention. The secretariat of the Intergovernmental Conference, which has been based in London since 1949, is also responsible for the food aid committee set up under the Food Aid Convention. The International Trade Convention on Cereals includes the Trade in Cereals Convention (CGV) and the Food Aid Convention (FAC). India is a signatory to the 1995 International Grain Agreement (IGA) and its 1995 Grain Trade Agreement (CGV), which will come into force on 1 July 1995. The Intergovernmental Conference has two types of members: the importation of members and the exporting members. India was included in the Exporting Members category in July 2003 and has been represented from time to time at Council meetings/meetings. In addition, the division also participates in other meetings of the Intergovernmental Conference, such as the Market Conditions Committee meetings and Executive Committee meetings. Department of Food – P.D. pays India`s annual membership fee to the Council. The IGC Grains Conference is part of the second London Grains Week organized by AHDB, GAFTA, IGC and IGTC to bring together key players in the grain value-added chain to discuss the latest business issues and practices. World cereal production was projected to a record 2,230 million tonnes (up 54 million tonnes/y) in 2020/21, including a record harvest of wheat (up 4 million) and maize (up 50 million).

The first increase in world grain stocks in four seasons was predicted, while world grain trade was expected to be a record market. Given the outlook for a much larger U.S. crop, global soybean production is expected to increase by 8% in 2020/21 to 363 million tonnes. As Chinese purchases were expected to increase further, world trade was expected to increase by 4%. In the context of the expected increase in acreage in Asia, rice or all-world 2020/21 reached a peak of 506 million tonnes/year, with the accumulation of major exporters reaching a record level of 182 million tonnes. A recovery in African demand could boost trade by 4% in 2021. The IGC virtual conference on cereals, entitled Reshaping the globalization of the grains, oilseeds and rice sectors, will open on 9 June at 12:00 p.m., with access to pre-recorded video presentations from more than 60 international government and industry spokespeople in the grain, oilseed, pulse and rice sectors, as well as 14 live Q and A meetings on June 10.