Framework Agreement Eu Korea

5. The issue of the activities of shipping companies in the European Union and the Republic of Korea is dealt with, if necessary, by specific agreements. 3. The parties are working to promote the implementation of international health conventions, such as the International Health Regulation and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. 3. The parties may endeavour to reach an agreement governing the specific readmission obligations of their nationals. The conditions will also apply to nationals of other countries and stateless persons. in future bilateral agreements with third countries on maritime services, including mass shipping and regular liquid bulk transport services, if included in previous bilateral agreements, these agreements cannot be concluded for cargo sharing; Since the Lisbon Treaty came into force, the Euroepan Parliament must approve the conclusion of almost all trade agreements negotiated by the Euroepan Commission and approved by the European Council (Article 218 of the Treaty on european Union). 3. The outcome of the Global Summit on Sustainable Development and the implementation of relevant multilateral environmental agreements are taken into account, if necessary. In order to strengthen and develop economic activity, taking into account the need to develop an appropriate legal framework, the parties recognize the principles of transparency, information exchange and fair tax competition and commit to implementing them in the tax field.

To this end, the parties, in accordance with their respective jurisdictions, will enhance international cooperation in the tax field, facilitate the collection of legal tax revenues and develop measures to effectively implement the above principles. participation in multilateral environmental agreements, including biodiversity, biological security and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, and the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements; 2. Consultations are held in the Joint Committee to facilitate implementation and promote the overall objectives of this agreement, to maintain the overall coherence of relations and to ensure the smooth running of any other agreement between the parties. in the context of the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions and their respective obligations under other relevant international instruments and agreements; 2.