Cs Articleship Agreement Format

and during the training, you have to report quarterly training from the beginning of the training in the icsi format and I saw the format and in this format the person, who will sign your quarterly training report will not be as a trainer the secretary of Compnay and each candidate claims to have acquired the necessary practical experience and has completed the necessary practical training, must receive a certificate of at least two members with a three-year membership, which has been approved by the Board and certifies that, according to the certification members, the candidate is an appropriate and appropriate person to be admitted to the associate membership of the Institute. We can offer the format of the training, form A for ACS admission etc. You can download all CS training forms and important notifications from one place. Now you can scroll down and see all the CS Training coordinates, download forms, notifications, etc. iii) Within 15 days of the start of the training, the PCS or student concerned must submit a copy of the agreement, the information contained in Part A and B concerning the employer and the trainee, a copy of the graduation certificate and a training form duly completed with the training department of the Institute for the Registration of Student Training. The Institute would send the latest sponsorship letter to the company/organization with a copy to the student . . . The Corporate Leadership Development Program (CLDP) is the final stage of training for students who have passed the Professional program and have completed the hands-on training, which is a one- to two-month housing program that will further improve their communication, law, management and computer skills necessary for the profession of business secretary. This means that the term letter/quarterly report/training termination certificate can be signed by the Director/CEO. The scheme provides for the end of a long-term internship with certain institutions during the normal working time:- v) If a student has passed at any time the examinations of all modules of the vocational training program, he is no longer in question for the leave assigned to studies and examinations from the date of the conclusion of the result of his examination. He is only entitled to take the occasional leave on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of his training period. He or she may only take the occasional leave in proportion to his or her remaining training period.

Note the instructions below while you`re taking a vacation during your new revised CS training: Hello! I would like to begin my 12-month apprenticeship under the company registered at ICSI, so I would like to know what documents I need to submit for registration for training, as ICSI guidelines only require letters of appointment and st-10 form, but who is hired letters of appointment, corporate secretary or HR? . “For any clarifications/questions related to the training, please email [email protected] or call the ICSI Helpline call centre 011-33132333 /66204999 (Monday to Friday, .m 7. at 11.m. – Saturday.m 9 at 9pm.m.” Situation- Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal, Jaipur, Noida, Gurgaon With regard to the same, the status of the application of different trainings to students is: . The list is published by the Institute of Company Secretary of India and updated from time to time.